The CORPO permanent collection, housed in Toledo, is made up of works by artists from the historical avant-gardes of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, the so-called peripheral avant-gardes,together with a fine selection of work by contemporary artists from Europe and the United States. It comprises pieces by 171 artists, from famous names to visionaries, includingmany prominent figures such as Schmidt-Rottluff, Pechstein, Kandinsky, Schlemmer, Schwitters, Moholy-Nagy and Ernst. But, more importantly, and mindful of the educational role that all public museums should fulfil, CORPO showcases a large number of less familiar but equally imperative names such as Joostens, Donas, Peeters, Flouquet, Servranckx, Maes, Eemans.
The avant-gardes represented here reflect the diverse pictorial trends pursued by the most audacious artists of the first half of the 20th century in Flanders and in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe – the so-called ‘peripheral avant-gardes’ – as well as in the United States. The Collection includes Informalist currents (the beginnings of abstraction, Constructivism and Neoplasticism), with the variousforms of abstraction and new realism (neorealism, Novecento, magic realism, lyrical figurativism, New Objectivity, Precisionism) predominating – not forgetting, of course, the poetical currents of Surrealism.

Red Roosenary, by Maria Roosen, 2008. Blown glass hanging from a 16th century carving, in the convent church,from the same century.

The second part of the Colección Roberto Polo covers the period from the end of the Second World War to the present day and offers an interesting diversity of approaches. There is an important body of non-figurative works including, notably, examples by Werner Mannaers, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Roberto Caracciolo, Thomas Downing, Roberto Pietrosanti, Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Maria Roosen, Bert Timmermans, Ed Moses and Walter Darby Bannard. Alongside is a second, equally numerous selection that belongs to the new figurative art, providing highly interesting pieces such as those by Andrew Tift, Jan Vanrietand Nino Longobardi, as well as Annabelle Hyvrier, Tomek Partyka, Karin Hanssen, Peter Van Gheluwe, Sadie Murdoch, Bruno Ceccobelli and Wladimir Moszowski.