This privacy policy describes how we collect information, what we use it for and how we handle it.

Your privacy matters to us, and we attach great importance to it and are fully committed to the protection of our Users’ personal information. Appropriate technical and organisational methods have been implemented by us to meet data protection regulations andto ensure the data confidentiality of our Users, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved by the European Union and Spanish Statutory Law 3/2018 of 5 December (LOPDGDD). Notwithstanding, we are unable to accept any responsibility for damages resulting from changes made by third parties to Users’ IT systems, electronic documents or files.


Your personal information will be processed by the ROBERTO POLO COLLECTION FOUNDATION, taxpayer no. (CIF) G45900958, registered office: C/ RÍO CABRIEL, 12, – 45007 TOLEDO (Toledo), Spain, telephone no.: 925526872,


  1. In order to access some of our services, and so that we can respond to your enquiries or send you information in response to your request, it may be necessary for us to obtain information from you; in such cases, we will ask you to provide this information expressly and voluntarily.You should only send us information of which you are the owner, or information on third parties if you are their legal representative or have obtained their unambiguous consent.
  2. To fulfil our contractual obligations if you decide to purchase one of our products and/or services, and to carry out any administrative, fiscal or accounting procedures associated with the work we have carried out.
  3. To take part in any competitions and activities we may organise.
  4. To handlepostings on social media platforms and on our Website, if you decide to follow our social media pages, or if you have given your consent for your information to be published on these or on our Website. You consent for your personal information to be processed in accordance with the methods and technology used by each of these social media platforms, and on their own terms and conditions, and that it will not be used for purposes other than those stated by the social media platforms themselves and only within their platform and/or environment. For further information, follow these links:
    You also agree for us to access the information contained in your profile, for us to send you commercial communications via the social media platform’s internal messaging system, and for an event created by us to be published on your wall (in the case of Facebook), or in other main areas on other social media platforms. You can stop following us on social media by using the tools that these media themselves provide. Be advised that any data subject whose personal information may appear in social media and who has an open profile with us may exercise their rights as set out in the DATA SUBJECTS’ RIGHTS section.
  5. To participate in any staff selection processes we might carry out if you send us yourCV.


  1. Consent by the data subject for the purposes stated in item 1 above (dealing with your enquiries or sending you information relating to your request); you give this consent by sending us an enquiry.
  2. Contract execution purposes as stated in item 2 above (contractual obligations relating to the acquisition of products and/or services), on the conditions stated in the contract agreed, and in order to fulfil the legal and tax obligations associated with the contract.
  3. Consent by the data subject for the purposes stated in item 3 above; you give this consent to us by registering for any of our activities either via our web forms or on paper.
  4. Consent by the data subject for the purposes stated in item 4 above (posting on social media platforms and on our Website); you give us your consent by accepting our Website’s Privacy Policy or by becoming a follower of any of our social media pages, or if we obtain your specific consent to publish your information.
  5. Consent by the data subject for the purposes stated in item 5 above (staff selection processes); you give your consent to us by sending us your CV, via either electronic or paper forms in which you give your specific consent. If you send your CV to us by email, we consider that you are consenting to us processing itand, should we consider it appropriate to retain this information, we will respond to you via email with our data protection policy.


We will retain information for the legal limitation period and while it continues to be in the interests of both parties to maintain a relationship; we will therefore delete this information when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was processed.

CVs received will be destroyed if they are eliminated from any selection processes we carry out and will be kept for a maximum period of one year.

Data retention period for the sending of commercial communications:

  • If you have expressly agreed, we will retain your information until such time as you decide to withdraw your consent.
  • If you have entered into a contractual relationship with us and we send you commercial communications, we will retain your information until such time as you decide to refuse such processing.


The User guarantees that the personal information he has provided to us via this Website is truthful, accurate, uptodate and complete. The User should inform us of any changes or updates to this information by writing to us at the postal or electronic addresses given in the section ‘Where can I exercise my rights?’.


We will not pass information on to third parties except where there is a legal obligation to do so or it is necessary to do so in order to provide services, or if you give us your express and unambiguous consent to do so.


Please note that when using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram, International Data Transfers outside the EU to countries like the United States may occur that do not enjoy the same level of data protection, although these companies are part of the Privacy Shield framework which allows them to process European citizens’ data. These social media platforms and their members operate at global level and use cookies to create statistics, customisation and advertising, among other things.

Facebook and Instagram belong to the Privacy Shield framework; for further information, visit:

Twitter belongs to the Privacy Shield framework; for further information, visit:

YouTube belongs to the Privacy Shield framework; for further information, visit:

LinkedIn belongs to the Privacy Shield framework; for further information, visit:

Please bear this information in mind if, on occasion, you allow us to publish some of your information on social media platforms where we have an open profile.


Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation about whether or not we are collecting and processing personal information about them.

Data subjects have the right to access their personal information, to request that inaccurate information be corrected or, where appropriate, to request that it be removed when, for example, the information is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected.

In certain circumstances, data subjects may request a time limit to the processing of their information, in which case we will keep it only for that period or for the defence of claims.

In certain circumstances, and for reasons relating to their particular situation, data subjects may refuse to have their information processed. In such cases, we will cease to process their information, unless there are compelling legitimate grounds, or in order to exercise or defend possible claims.

They will also have the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their information at any time when the lawful basis for this is obtaining specific consent from the data subject himself.

They may also lodge a complaint with the relevant Data Protection Control Authority and with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when they have failed to obtain satisfaction when exercising their rights or believe that the data processing does not meet the current regulatory standards.


By sending an email to the following address:


By writing by post to FUNDACIÓN COLECCIÓN ROBERTO POLO, C/ RÍO CABRIEL, 12, – 45007 TOLEDO (Toledo) or by sending an email to the following address:, and by identifying yourself, stating your reason for writing and providing a photocopy of your National Identity Document (DNI) or equivalent document.

In the case of commercial communications, including newsletters, you can revoke your consent by sending an email to our address:, with the following message ‘Baja del Servicio de Comunicaciones’ [Communication Service Cancellation] or by pressing the cancellation link in the email message where one is provided.

THE ROBERTO POLO COLLECTION FOUNDATION may use cookies when providing Website services (see our Cookies Policy).


In accordance with the current data protection regulations, the DATA CONTROLLER complies with all the provisions of the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR) on the processing of personal information for which he is responsible, and expressly complies with the principles described in Article 5, under which such informationmust be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject and be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.

The DATA CONTROLLER guarantees that he has implemented appropriate technical and organisational policies to apply the security measures set out in the GDPR in order to protect Users’ rights and freedoms and has provided appropriate information for them to exercise these rights and freedoms.


The User declares that he has been advised of our data protection policy and consents to data processing for the purposes stated above. He is advised that some of the services provided by the Website may carry particular conditions; in such cases, Users will be duly informed.

The Roberto Polo Collection Foundation is an entity adapted to privacy regulations by ARCODATOS

Document date: 10/07/2019


Paseo del Miradero 1

45001, Toledo

686 20 86 90


Calle Santa Catalina, 2

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Paseo del Miradero 1

45001, Toledo

686 20 86 90


Calle Santa Catalina, 2

16001, Cuenca

696 32 51 14